Brief History of Smoking Pipes

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The history of people smoking pipes can be followed all the way back to when people were unsure on the effects of tobacco and its contents, where they would often smoke it for ritual, religious and spiritual regions. The Catholic Church has been known to use incense as part...Read more

Ancient uses of Tobacco

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Smoking tobacco along with other substances that was discovered to be suitable to smoke, the ancients could see the spirit world through entering a state of trance. Many tribes across Northern American tribes carried large amounts of tobacco in pouches wherever they travelled, as it was a great item...Read more

Smoking Pipes – A Brief Introduction

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It can sometimes seem a little daunting when considering purchasing  smoking pipes. The choice is extremely varied and can offer unique features for different individuals. It is important to take your time and weigh up the benefits – there’s no point in sourcing the finest pipe tobacco if you’re putting...Read more

Great news for North Wales rugby fans

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Following the completion of the parc eirias events centre in November 2011 at a cost of 6.5m an agreement has been signed between the welsh rugby union and conwy county council meaning all welsh under 20s, six nations games will be played at Parc Eirias, Colwyn Bay for the...Read more