Caring for your pipe

Filed under: DuckworthsUK News — admin October 24, 2012 2:33 pm
Pipes will not stay looking clean and shiny if you don’t take appropriate measures to look after them. You see it time and time again, a smoker who neglects his pipe, allowing it to become dirty, and built up with tar, making it very unattractive and unusable. For those...Read more

Different types of Lighters

Filed under: Industry News — admin October 19, 2012 2:15 pm
As you may know – there are a wide range of lighter types available to the consumer – ranging from cheap disposable ones, to fancy Zippo and butane lighters. Depending on your requirements, will depend on what type of lighter you decide to go for. Below you will find...Read more

New lines for Christmas

Filed under: New Products — admin October 14, 2012 4:48 pm
Updated on 22nd October 2012 – New selection of 12 Hand made pipes by Ian Walker of Northern Briars now available. Also a new selection of six speciality pipes from Peterson’s of Dublin. Christmas will soon be upon us and we expect to be adding many new gift lines, ideal...Read more

Cuban Cigars, some say they are the best in the world!!

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Cigars are luxury items that are enjoyed by many people, from casual- occasional smokers to regulars. Smoking a cigar is sometimes considered to be a special moment to be enjoyed with great please. This means that it is only right that the smoker picks and smokes a cigar that...Read more

Cigars Glossary

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Cigars are special items and are considered to have there own specialist vocabulary – some of which may be strange or unknown to a casual or novice smoker. Getting acquainted with the ‘lingo’ can be a key step in understanding the cigar industry, helping you to learn more about...Read more