Ancient uses of Tobacco

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The history of smoking loose pipe tobacco goes back to 5000-3000BC when tobacco was cultivated in South America. Smoking tobacco soon became a major part of culture during these times, where smoking was undertaken extensively in rituals and ceremonies by a host of tribes and communities.

By smoking tobacco and other hallucinogenic drugs, these ancient communities could enter a state of trance and believed that this was the way they could enter the spirit world. Eastern North American tribes carried large amounts of tobacco in pouches, as the plant became a popular trade item. Smoked in pipes by adults and children, the plant was believed to be a gift from the creator, and it was believed that the exhaled smoke could carry the user’s thoughts and prayers up to heaven.

Loose Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco also played a role in medicine. It was used as a painkiller for earache and toothache and was also used by desert Indians to help cure colds, especially when tobacco was mixed with certain plants and leaves. Some of the combinations used were believed to be good to help fight against asthma and tuberculosis during these times.

Before the Aztecs sacrificed many people to their god Tezcatlipoca, they often took part in smoking to help them reach the spirit world. The medicine men of the Tonoupinambaultiis tribe in Brazil puffed the smoke from their pipes in the faces of their warriors before they went to fight, as it was believed to give them demonic strength in battle. Tobacco quickly spread across the rest of the world and became a popular commodity smoked by millions of people.

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