How to Choose the Right Pipe Tobacco

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pipe TobaccoExperienced pipe smokers know that pipe smoking is all about variety and experimentation as pipe tobacco can come in a range of blends and flavours.  It is a lot like being a child in a sweet shop, you won’t know until you try it!

Flavoursome McBarens Pipe Tobacco

The McBarens are the largest family owned tobacco company in Denmark and they pride themselves on supplying tobacco which have unique aromas, mysticism and one hundred and fifty years of craftsmanship behind them. The tobaccos are created taking into consideration six different criteria’s  that include aromatic flavour, aromatic aroma before smoking and the room note which refers to how strong the tobacco will be noticed in the surrounding area when it is smoked.  Pipe smokers who favour a sweet flavour will enjoy the McBarens Aromatic seven seas regular variety which offers a soft and mellow smoke with a chocolate and vanilla flavour.

Luxury Peterson Pipe Tobacco

Peterson Pipe Tobaccos offer a little luxury for when you are smoking your pipe. The tobaccos are hand produced by master blenders and sealed away in vacuum tins to ensure that fresh aromas and flavours are preserved.  Petersons 2012 Christmas Mixture offers a smoking experience that provides harmony and comfort at this time of the year.  The mixture contains Virginia tobaccos of different shades and cuts combined with three types of black Cavendish leaving the taste and fragrance of hazelnut, caramel and baked apples drifting through your home.  Petersons Luxury Blend combines three different types of tobacco, Viriginia, Black Cavendish and Burly with the scents of orange, honey and vanilla. The Petersen Nutty Cut combines golden, red and dark Virginia tobaccos and rounds it off with a flavour of rum.

Traditional Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco is a traditional British tobacco brand that is famous for its unique flavours and combinations that have been a favourite for pipe smokers for decades.  The Dunhill Royal Yacht flavour is a luxurious pipe tobacco which creates a cool aroma from the quality combination of high quality lemon and bronze Virginia tobacco leaves. The Dunhill Early Morning Pipe could easily become part of your early morning routine with the sweet oriental tobacco flavours rounded off with latakia tobacco produced in Syria. Similarly there is a Dunhill Nightcap which offers a slow long lasting smoke with a stronger Latakia taste and a fruity perique edge which softens the flavour.