Happy St David’s Day! But who is he and why do we celebrate it?

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st davids daffodil

Wales’ National Day

The first day of March is always a special day for those living in and from Wales. It is the National Day that celebrates the patron saint David.

Those in Wales on 1st March each year will be able to see the region in all its cultural and historical glory, with many parades and fairs on, as well as the opportunity to see many people with green leeks and yellow daffodils on display.

So, who was St David?

He is known as the man that spread Christianity across the Wales region, as a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop that lived in the sixth century.

Legend has it that St David went on a pilgrimage that took him all the way to Jerusalem, where he was turned into an Archbishop. It was later he returned to Wales and gained much fame, which led to many people across Wales making pilgrimages to St David’s Cathedral in West Wales.

A very famous story about St David is one where he was preaching to a large crowd – and the ground beneath him rose up, allowing people from all around to hear and see him. This soon led to many placing their faith in him as they thought he could protect the Welsh people from the Normans!

Green Leeks

The two most famous signs of St David’s Day. The green leek and the yellow daffodil. The leek gained popularity historically as some of the guards in the Tudor dynasty were given leeks to wear on their uniforms on March 1st. The King of Gwynedd in 7th Century known as Cadwaladr is said to have sent his soldiers into battle wearing a leek for identification purposes. This idea was incredibly unique at the time – but may well have done it’s job, as he was in fact the last Welsh king to claim Lordship over the whole of Britain.

So… what about Daffodils?

If you look out into a garden in March, there is a good chance you’ll be able to see daffodils. Nature coincidently coincides with St David’s Day, which is one of the main reasons.  Further to this, the first and only Welshman to serve as Prime Minister – David Lloyd George, was publicly seen wearing a daffodil on 1st March, which somewhat contributed to the trend.

St David’s Day arrives every year on 1st March. You’ll be able to celebrate by enjoying parades, shows fairs that showcase the best of Wales. From wearing Welsh clothing, such as Wales Rugby shirts ahead of the upcoming Rugby clash, or traditional outfits, you’ll see many a Welshman and women embracing the National Day.

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