The different types of loose pipe tobacco

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Loose pipe tobacco types and quality needs to be taken into consideration if you are a smoker, because after all it is what you are going to be smoking. There are many types of tobacco leaves, these are not limited to, but include the following: Burley This is the...Read more

Smoking a pipe with loose pipe tobacco

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For the novice smoker, pipe smoking may be unfamiliar – meaning learning how to fill, light, smoke and maintain the pipe can be confusing. By reading this short article, you should comfortably know how to carry out these important parts of pipe smoking, enjoying the satisfying experience. Filling the...Read more

Tobacco growing: Through the countries

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Tobacco is grown all around the world; from South Africa to Argentina, Canada to the Philippines and Australia to the United States. The tobacco that grows in these different areas gives different tastes. The plant we call tobacco is originally renowned for being from America, with some species being...Read more

How to select a quality cigar humidor

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Buying a cigar is like buying a fine wine; it can get expensive if you aren’t careful. Without spending a bomb, it should be noted that you should avoid the really cheap ones, as they may not provide the suitable environment for your cigars. This article will discuss the things you...Read more

Ancient uses of Tobacco

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The history of smoking loose pipe tobacco goes back to 5000-3000BC when tobacco was cultivated in South America. Smoking tobacco soon became a major part of culture during these times, where smoking was undertaken extensively in rituals and ceremonies by a host of tribes and communities. By smoking tobacco...Read more

How to Smoke Pipe Tobacco like a Pro

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Pipe smoking is the oldest traditional method of consuming tobacco since tobacco leaves were first regarded as a source of recreational pleasure. Pipe tobacco offers pipe smokers the opportunity to taste as well as inhale the smoke for an intensified smoking experience. Origins of Pipe Tobacco Smoking Native Americans...Read more

Different types of Lighters

Filed under: Industry News — admin October 19, 2012 2:15 pm
As you may know – there are a wide range of lighter types available to the consumer – ranging from cheap disposable ones, to fancy Zippo and butane lighters. Depending on your requirements, will depend on what type of lighter you decide to go for. Below you will find...Read more

Cigars Glossary

Filed under: Industry News — admin October 1, 2012 10:44 am
Cigars are special items and are considered to have there own specialist vocabulary – some of which may be strange or unknown to a casual or novice smoker. Getting acquainted with the ‘lingo’ can be a key step in understanding the cigar industry, helping you to learn more about...Read more

Some of the Most Popular Pipes

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In 1870, the father of Elbert Gubbels Sr. started a retail shop for smokers equipment and tobacco pipes, importing from places such as France and England into the Netherlands, however, in May 1940 during WW2 and the German occupation of the Netherlands for five years the family found it...Read more

Brief History of Smoking Pipes

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The history of people smoking pipes can be followed all the way back to when people were unsure on the effects of tobacco and its contents, where they would often smoke it for ritual, religious and spiritual regions. The Catholic Church has been known to use incense as part...Read more
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